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Rosedale Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

About us

We bought Rosedale Farm in 1996, and farmed it conventionally for a few years. We were frustrated by many problems associated with conventional citrus production, and in 2000 we decided to start converting it to organic production. The conversion process took three years, and in 2004 we started supplying the UK, EU and the local market with certified organic navel and Valencia oranges, lemons and clementines. Our production is certified by Control Union according to EU standards.

The adoption of an organic approach to farming has led to a dramatic increase in soil fertility, and a drop in the occurrence of most pests and diseases.

Soils have changed from hard and unyielding to soft and pliable, teeming with earthworms. Our trees are healthier, and most pests are under natural control. Many species of birds such as Guinea Fowl have dramatically increased in numbers, leading to a more complex and diverse environment.

Our farming practices cause large amounts of carbon to be sequestered every year. We ’fix’ a lot more carbon every year than we use in the form of diesel and electricity. When you stay with us you know you are minimising your impact of travelling on the environment.

Your hosts

Keith & Miso Finnemore


Contact Information

Organic Farm Bed & Breakfast



Rosedale Farm

Off the R335


Eastern Cape

South Africa

(+27) 42 0070451
Nondumiso (+27) 83 433 0822
Keith (+27) 83 329 8775

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